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1.       ABOUT US (description about the e-village, its geography, beauty, history, culture, weather, etc.)

2.       CONTACT US – (contact details about the e-village)


ii.      MAP

iii.      GOOGLE MAP

iv.      EMAIL ID


vi.      IM ID (Skype, Yahoo chat ID)

vii.      FORM (online comment form)

3.       STATISTICS (most useful statistics of the village for an outsider or a villager)


1.       CHILDREN (AGE 1-5) – Number

2.       PRIMARY STUDENTS (GRADE 1-5) – Number


4.       SCHOOL LEAVERS (Unemployed -Below 30) – Number

5.       School Leavers (Employed – Below 30) – Number

6.       Adults (30-50) – Number

7.       Adults (50+)- Number


1.       FARMERS- Number

2.       BUSINESSPERSONS- Number

3.       FISHERMEN- Number

4.       Government SERVANTS- Number

5.       OTHERS- Number

iii.      LAND

1.       CULTIVATED LAND – no. of squre kms

2.       UNCULTIVATED LAND – no. of squre kms

3.       COMMERCIAL LAND – no. of squre kms

4.       RESERVOIRS, LAKES, STREAMS – no. of squre kms

4.       ICT (ICT related info about the e-village)

i.      ICT COURSES (courses you are conducting at e-villages)

1.       Microsoft Windows – Details (Time/Duration/Fees/Certificate, etc.)

2.       Microsoft Office– Details (Time/Duration/Fees/Certificate, etc.)

3.       Web Designing – Details (Time/Duration/Fees/Certificate, etc.)

4.       Graphic Designing– Details (Time/Duration/Fees/Certificate, etc.)

5.       Other – Details (Time/Duration/Fees/Certificate, etc.)

ii.      ICT SERVICES (services you offer at e-village)

1.       Selling computers, parts – Details (Prices, etc.)

2.       Trouble shooting – Details (Prices, etc.)

3.       Computer hardware repair – Details (Prices, etc.)

4.       Web designing – Details (Prices, etc.)

5.       Graphic Designing – Details (Prices, etc.)

6.       Videoing – Details (Prices, etc.)

7.       Photography – – Details (Prices, etc.)

iii.      ICT FACILITIES (facilities you already have at e-village)

1.       Number of PCs – Who donated

2.       Number of Laptops – Who donated

3.       Number of printers – Who donated

4.       Number of scanners – Who donated

5.       Number of video cameras – Who donated

6.       Number of still cameras – Who donated

7.       Internet Speed – Who donated/sponsors

iv.      WISH LIST (what you want the donors to donate to you)

1.       Laminator  – Why you need it. How it can help e-village? What is the price? What is the model? Brand?

2.       Photocopier  – Why you need it. How it can help e-village? What is the price? What is the model? Brand?

3.       Digital Still Camera – Why you need it. How it can help e-village? What is the price? What is the model? Brand?

4.       Digital Video camera  – Why you need it. How it can help e-village? What is the price? What is the model? Brand?

5.       Generator  – Why you need it. How it can help e-village? What is the price? What is the model? Brand?

6.       Others  – Why you need it. How it can help e-village? What is the price? What is the model? Brand?

v.      E-LEARNING – Sites that students can use e-learning

vi.      HIGHER STUDIES – Institutes for Higher Education in ICT

vii.      JOB MARKET – Sites with job vacancies for ICT/English fluent youth

5.       MOBILE 2.0  (What is Mobile 2.0/why it is important)

i.      2G – 2G networks available in the village

ii.      3G – 3G networks available in the village

iii.      SMS ALERTS – News, sports, etc.

iv.      M-BANKING – Banks and schemes that uses m-Banking

v.      M-LEARNING – Sites that deal with m-learning

vi.      E-CHANNELING – companies that provide e-channeling

vii.      M-WEBSITE – useful websites that have mobile versions

6.       AGRICULTURE (Agricultural background-what seasons, how many acres cultivated, up country- dry zone crops.)

i.      CROPS – crops that are mostly grown in the area

ii.      MARKETS – places within the village that buyers can buy the crops/ contact details

iii.      PRICE INDEX – places to see check prices

iv.      AGRO DEPARTMENT OFFICE – link to Agricultural Department website

7.       FISHERY (fishing background, fresh water-sea fishery, etc.)

i.      FISH – types of fish that are caught

ii.      MARKETS – places to buy fish – contact details

iii.      PRICE INDEX – places to check prices

iv.      FISHING EQUIPMENT – places to buy fishing equipment

8.       HEALTH (main health indexes, basic facilities available, etc. type of doctors available, etc.)

i.      HOSPITALS (facilities available, contact details)

ii.      DISPENSARIES (facilities available, contact details)

iii.      INDIGENOUS MEDICINE PRACTITIONERS (facilities available, contact details)



vi.      HEALTH CLINICS (you can also invite donors to help special health clinics)

vii.      BLOOD GROUPS (take a sample of 100 youth who offer to donate blood and put the information about the blood groups in the site)

9.       INVESTMENTS – (investment opportunities that are available for an investor in the village.)


ii.      FISHERY

iii.      LEISURE

iv.      INDUSTRIES (making tiles, brick, furniture, etc.)

v.      SERVICES (transport, telecommunications, etc.)

10.   IMPORTANT INFO (essential information about the village – for outsiders)

i.      GUEST HOUSES (facilities available, contact details)

ii.      BANKS (facilities available, contact details)

iii.      SCHOOLS (facilities available, contact details)

iv.      HOSPITALS (facilities available, contact details)

v.      GOVERNMENT OFFICES (facilities available, contact details)

vi.      POLICE (facilities available, contact details)

vii.      DIVISIONAL SECRETARIAT OFFICE (facilities available, contact details)

viii.      GRAMA SEWA NILADHARI (facilities available, contact details)

ix.      OTHER (facilities available, contact details)

11.   USEFUL LINKS (links that are useful for the villagers)


1.       PRE-SCHOOL (pre-schools in the village)

2.       PRIMARY EDUCATION (schools with the facility in the village and close by villages)

3.       SECONDARY EDUCATION (schools with the facility in the village and close by villages)

4.       TERTIARY EDUCATION (institutes with the facility in the village and close by villages, towns)

5.       HIGHER STUDIES (institutes, universities outside village)

6.       INFORMAL EDUCATION  (institutes outside village)

7.       DISTANT LEARNING (institutes, websites)

8.       E-LEARNING (institutes, universities outside village)

ii.      HEALTH – ( information, Family Planning Association, Ministry of Health, etc.)

iii.      SPORTS (links to different sports websites)

iv.      NEWS (links to different news websites – tri lingual)

v.      SOCIAL NETWORKING (links to social networking sites FACEBOOK/NING/MY SPACE etc)


1.       COMMUNITY PORTALS (links to decent community portals)

2.       MATRIMONIAL PORTALS (links to decent matrimonial websites)


1.       MUSIC – (links to sites with music news, notes, lessons, etc.)

2.       CINEMA – (links to cinema related sites, ticketing sites, movie sites)

3.       THEATRE – (links to different theatre related sites)

4.       TV STATIONS (links to TV stations)

5.       RADIO STATIONS (links to radio stations)

6.       FINE ARTS (links to fine arts sites)

7.       OTHER

12.   SUSTAINABILITY (description whether the e-village is self-sustainable. When to reach sustainability.)

1.       BALANCE SHEET (monthly income/expenditure)

2.       BUSINESS PLAN (plan to succeed as a business –long term/short term)


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