I’m Wasantha Witharana.29 Years old. I’m a teacher who teaches in a school called “Bulupitiya M.V.,Nilgala,Bibile,Sri Lanka” situated in a remote area in Monaragala District of Sri Lanka. I’ve been teaching there for five years.

I teach primary & Information & communication Technology (ICT).There is a computer unit is operated by means of solar power. But, there is no internet facility there for the want of electricity. So it is very difficult to teach ICT without Internet.

Back to about me, I’ve two brothers & one sister with the parent in my family. My favorite subjects are English & ICT. My hobby is thinking myself.



  1. good

  2. Really nice story. Wish U All the best for Ur Services. Coz. ICT is most important thing to us, but it is currently fully occupied in Colombo. We want to give this facilities to childrens in rural areas. therefore Ur Service is Great


  3. Dear Wasantha,

    May i know whether your school have higher classes. I know a program which is run by American girls called GHG(girls helping girls). I can introduce it to you. But the age limit should be 10 years or above. Please mail me on nalinka2007@gmail.com as soon as you see this.



  4. Hello Wasantha Sir,

    I want to have a look at your new web site. You have done it nicely. Congrads! I tried alot to get permission for your school to participate in GHG. But still failed. We thought of doing just a pilot program this year and do it nicely next year. So your school will be in the top of the list. You are a great teacher. If every teacher of rural schools are like you, quality of education would be in a very much higher position. So all the best!!



  5. Hello Wasantha,

    I have an old PC that I would like to give to your school after fixing it up.

    I also have many books and VHS tapes of the Computer Hapannu program that I conducted on ITN when I was working at NSB.

    I would like to give you those books that I do not need now as well as any software that could be used to teach programming.

    Please respond if you need these. I will find some way to get them across to you.

    Good job doen on the web site. Try to put more details about your students and the work you are doing with them. You may look at Horizons.org or do a Google search on Nandasena Wanninayaka.

    Talk to you later,


    • Dear sir,
      I have a very enthusiasm to improve my ICT knowledge in the middle of teaching.So I’m transfred to MR/ Methodist M.M.V., Hakmana,Matara.But I can disrtibutes them to previous school if you send me.My pruvate adress is Unagaskoratuwa,Medauyanguda,Yatiyana,Matara.
      Thank you.

  6. Dear sir,

    Good job and keep it up.I wish you all the best

  7. realy it is a very impressive story.i wish u will provide us more information about this subject.

  8. welldone wasntha, more greace to your elbow and keep the flag flying. i wish you all the best

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