Posted by: wasaa | March 21, 2011

For getting a flavour to the school

MR/ Methodist Central College has been started in 1875. So it belongs to a long histry with about 135 years. There are 1000 students and 50 teachers in our school. ICT is taught for O/Ls and A/Ls, GIT is taught for A/Ls, Computer is taught for students in Grade 6, 7. Computer is learned as a subject of Practical Technology Skills by students in Grade 8, 9.
As co-curricular activities, Children and community are learning in the evillage program and after school computer courses.
Every student and parent of evillage has an email address and blogs.  They update their blogs by means of school computer lab. Students make in photo editing using Photoshop and upload them in to their blogs and flickr site. Also they do in video editing and upload them into their blogs and youtube site.
Our school teachers also have email addresses and blogs. They add They add articles concerning with their teaching subjects. Most of teachers search information relevant to their subjects through the internet.
We have spread ICT all over the community. Parents also have email addresses and blogs. Goto
Our current computer laboratory has been installed in 2003. So they are outdated, undergone with failure frequently. If there is a failure of computers, the children and teachers make them restore order themselves. We provide computer courses like Desktop publishing, Networking and web designing as after school segments.
We have a special feature in teaching not only ICT but other subjects. Our school uses wi-fi technology. It is seen that students exploring internet with their class room mini laptops sitting under shade of trees and on rocks. So now the Methodist Central College is named wi-fi hot spot.
Our IT club i.e. hakmana eVillage has a unique T-shirt. We have established a holding with the size of 10’ x 5’ in front of the school entrance.
Our IT club organized field trips, explorations, Propagandas, IT promotion programs, Media coverage for community requirements.
Our IT club is to appear in program “Vidasa” on ITN.
MR/Methodist Central College won the 1st place for the submission of maximum number of software in Southern Province in Educational software competition 2010. One of students got a merit reward. And teacher also got it.
We got the 5th place in Southern Province and National Excellency Award 2009
Our school has reached over the National level in ICT O/L results.
We have personally three websites for the school. ,, All the web sites are made with joomla. We are the first school used joomla.
But, Our current computer laboratory has been implemented in 2003. The performance of computers has worn out at present. UPSs and monitors are not working thoroughly.

Concerning above information, If your institute has old computers (can be used), please provide us a couple of computer. It will be great helpful to students and community.


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