Posted by: wasaa | March 25, 2010


To make a story on the web you can try some of the following hints.

  1. Be focused – If your project is about ICT and English, keep that in mind and prepare your content accordingly.  Your donors are interested in hearing how their money is being put to use based on your donation options that you provide.
  2. Project updates are critical to fundraising success. Project updates show donors that their money makes a difference in someone’s life. It lets them know what has been accomplished and encourages them to stay engaged and potentially make a second, third, or fourth contribution.

What makes a great update on the web?

  1. Narrative: A project update can be two-three short paragraphs explaining the progress of your project, telling the story of a beneficiary, or describing the impact your project has made so far and explaining your plans going forward. Include both narrative and numbers on the people you have served.  Use quotes: Tell stories from the people you serve in their own words (or translations).
  2. Visual: Attach a photo. If you tell one person’s story, include a close crop photo of the person’s face. A good “one person” photo leaves a deeper impression than a hundred group photos.
  3. Multimedia: An update can combine text, photo, video (upload to YouTube and include link), or an audio podcast (upload elsewhere and link).
  4. Thanks: Thank your supporters. Give credits to the necessary individuals, institutions, etc.
  5. Engage: Conclude by asking your donors, “what do you think?” Ask them a specific question about your project, or how you can work together to attract wider support.

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