Posted by: wasaa | June 26, 2009

My School has Become the greatest in Mulatiyana Zone

There are laptops with WiFi conection.Then children can access to the internet in the classroom itself without entering the computer lab.We can’t see such a technology in this area.



  1. Dear Mr Wasantha Witharana

    I read your blog recently and was very happy to know that you have a computer lab and your favourite subjects are English. Now you are transferred to Matara so what has happened to the school in Bibile. Is there a good English teacher like you in the Bibile School.

    I am very much interested in helping remote schools in Sri Lanka. I want to make a donation of English books to the school in Bibile but for me to give the books there has to be a good English teacher who will make use of it Can you advise me please?

    What is your school in Matara like? It is Methodistha Viduhala? I also went to a Methodista Viduhala in Colombo. I will give your school some books as well if you are teaching English to the children I will help you by giving you books. It is very important that you are teaching your children English . Please continue to teach them especially English as you will be blessed for teaching children.

    I love books and I collect hundreds and hundreds of second hand books which English people throw away and ship in to Sri Lanka and distribute. All the years I have been giving books to schools in Kantale now I am looking for other schools too so please email me more information. The books are for children very easy to read, small books which the children can learn from they are like picture books as well. Basic stories which you can teach the children from. Even if they can not read they can look at the pictures and learn to draw and get ideas etc.

    Please write back to me. I will be in Sri Lanka in December so I can visit your schools in Bibile and Matara to hand the books. I run a charity called Children of Lanka working with Singithi Sarana Sri Lanka. Our website is you can have a look at the work we are doing.

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