Posted by: wasaa | October 12, 2008

MS-DOS command Cont.

5. Command:-CD

Purposes:-Change the current directory to defferent directory

Format:- CD(Path)  e.g. CD C:|Windows

to change the drive letter you can use drive name:

e.g. C: A:

6. Command:- MD

Purposes:-to make a directory under the route directotry or subdirectory

Format: MD (Directory name) MD- IDM


to delete or to remove a directory in the directory is empty

Format:- RD ( directory name) e.g.:- RD-IDM

8.Command:- DEL

Purpose:_ delete any files

Format:- DEL(File name,extention) e.g.:- DEL-ABC.BMP

9.Command:- REN

Purpose:- to rename a directory or file

Format:- 1.REN (directory name)-(new name)

               2.REN (file name .extension) (new file name.Extention)



to exit form DOS


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