Posted by: wasaa | October 4, 2008

How to start Windows xp

Windows xp will start automatically every time you turn on your computer


This is the area that appear when you strat Windows xp.


An icon is a graphical representation of object inside your computer system.


These are used to keep related document or program. you can have folders within folders.These are soft folders.

 My Computer Icon

Display the contents of your computer. My document icon stores your documents,graphics and other files.

Internet explora Icon

Finds and displays information and websites on the internet.

Recycle bin Icon

Contents deleted icons or files .you can permanantly remove or restore.

Start button

Gives you quick access to your computer applications through a menu system.

Task bar

At the bottom of the desktop you can see the task bar. It displays the current time,start button and current running programes


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