Posted by: wasaa | September 20, 2008

Writing curriculum Vitae (CV) Bio Data

As a good job seeker one must be alert employment opportunity which are published in different communication modes.  When someone happened to find suitable advertisement he should be well prepared with his curriculum vitae and also with the letter of application.

Before writing he should well understand about the requirement of the job advertise. Also the candidates should try to limit the details to no more than two sides of A4 paper, because a short CV will be more effective for an employee who may have already read of similar documents.

Also the candidate should remember to put information in rivers chronological orders. It means the most recent event comes first in the list when you are writing educational qualifications.

Basic information in CV

1        Personal details

Your name


Contact details (T.P. number or e-mail address) and date of birth

You can add your name as the heading rather than just writing CV. Also you can have your address and contact details as a sub heading and write down other details down the left side of the page.

2        School attended

If there some body that happens to mention 2 or 3 schools it is important to write the time duration clearly.

3        Educational Qualification

As a candidate when you have a series of educational qualifications you should write them in the rives chronological order. It means if a candidate is a graduate he has write his degree first and his A/L should come secondly. This order makes the read to catch the important things first.

4        Professional Qualification

Educational qualifications are consent as once academic qualification. Professional qualifications are such as professional courses which provide a type of vocational training which helps to apply the gain knowledge in a practical view. When writing professional qualification one should only write only write about the relevant qualification.

5        Extra Curricular activities

These activities provide on idea about your leadership qualities and public relationship. These activities provide a real image about you.

6        Work Experience

This is an important factor for private sector job, because most of the employers like to skilled workers rather than trainees. When you are writing for this section you should include brief details about each job. The job title,  the period you health the position. The name and address of the employees, brief outline of beauties and responsibilities you had.

7        Non related referees

You should mention names and contact details on two non related referees who will recommend you. Referees include a teacher or any other person who can describe your educational and professional qualification.


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