Posted by: wasaa | September 20, 2008


An interview is a formal discussion or conversation which changes to obtains to information. When a candidate gets a letter for interview he should immediately take the advertisement as well as the application and get good idea about the same time he should make a short list as follows.

1.      date and time of interview

2.      to whom the candidate should report

3.      the place or where the candidate should report

4.      the location it is situated

5.      inform the referees

When the interview day come candidate should prepare for it , because it’s preparation will being him success. When getting ready candidate should dress up well with a real formal dress, because candidate’s outer appearance give provide so many benefits. Do not too many perfumes always try to being natural. Should report the place some what earlier and get ready in a total replace. When answering, be polite. Be a good listener and understand the question very well before answering. Answer in a clear voice. When you have been question don’t interrupt in. do not try to check forgive false information. When you are coming out thank everybody in a polite way.

What are the behaviors should have to follow up during your interview.

1.      sit properly

2.      don’t tab with your finger

3.      keep eye contact with interviewer

4.      don’t shake your legs

5.      don’t rub your hands

6.      try to be polite and honest

7.      speak only about known things, but not unknown things

8.      don’t answer by guessing

9.      show your strong personality while taking


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