Posted by: wasaa | July 5, 2008

I’m Qualified To Transfer To Matara From Bibile.


I got an appointment to Mo/Bulupitiya M.V. as a primary teacher on the 12th of May in 2003.There is an agreement between Uva provincial council and me so that I should be worked the appointed school it self throughout the origin five years. But there were other three newly appointed teachers with me, they have already transferred to their hometowns before two years lasted. Nevertheless I determined to stay here as minimum for the period of five years on behalf innocent students.

Now the time has come to transfer to Matara where my native place on the couple of reasons. First thing according to the Bond the my remote service   period when five years was over by the 12th of may in 2008. Other reasons, I have to look after my aged and indisposed parents and sister’s educational matters as the eldest brother in my family.

I already fulfilled my inevitable duty. Now the duty of government for me remaining. So finally I’d like to inform to the relevant authority that to make my transfer to Matara district.(More details can be presented)    





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