Posted by: wasaa | June 22, 2008

The Internet

The Internet is a giant world wide network that connects the Computer systems located throughout the world that are willing to share their resources.

The Internet is   Network of Networks

The Internet is a Client /Server system

        Not centralized

  Can be login to another Computer

  Public Domain Site

  Web servers

  Mail servers


Internet Facilities


         Electronic Mail   (E-Mail)

          Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce)

          Tele Medicine


          Internet Shopping

          Tele Education


           HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up Language)


           HTTP  (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)


Internet Service Providers ( ISP )


           Lanka Internet Service Ltd

           Sri Lanka Telecom

           ITMIN Internet Service Ltd

           Pan Lanka Networking (pvt) Ltd

           Ceycom Global Communications Ltd

           Eureka Online




A privately maintained computer network that can be accessed only by authorized persons especially members or employees of the organization that owns it.


Network among branches of a Bank

Network among all schools, Zone, Province and MOE




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