Posted by: wasaa | June 22, 2008

Presentation Software

Why do we need presentations?

To Deliver Information (to Producing reports  ,Presenting lessons , Advertising products) the audience effectively.

What is Presentation Software?

A collection of slides is called a presentation

 Slides are single-screen images that contain texts, graphics and charts

A presentation program lets you create a set of        slides and present them to an audience conveniently.

Presentation Software Features

       Increases communication with the audience.

Improves effective communication.

Reduces manual presentation processes.

Organizes information easily.

   Uses templates  or customized presentations.

   Creates a video, audio or image

   Provides easy-to-use amazing presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint

Revolutionizes the ways of delivering ideas by  Professionals.

Becomes the sole medium of     Presentations almost all over the world.

A sophisticated presentation graphics    package with A wide collection of fonts and colors, Infinite effects to manipulate texts, images     and sounds, Multiple views within the same window

Special Features

Outlining—for contents, arrangement and order.


Annotations—notes to individual slides.


Animation—moving transitions to parts of a slide.


Sound and video—audio or multimedia enhancement.


Embedded objects—WWW links.


HTML conversion—presentations on the Web.


A Complete Presentation

Creating a Presentation

 Applying a Presentation Design

 Formatting  Slides

 Adding Objects

 Applying Transitions , animation effects

 Rehearsing and adding Timing Effects

You can use the default format and color for the master slide.

User can use auto layouts appear in new slide dialog box.


Power Point gives you five screen layouts Select the page view by clicking the buttons or from the view menu.

1.Normal View
This screen is split into three sections showing the presentation outline on the left, the slide in the main window, and notes at the bottom.

Slide View
The slide view displays each slide on the screen and is helpful for adding images, formatting text, and adding background styles.

Outline View
The presentation outline is displayed on the majority of the screen with small windows for the slide and notes. This view is recommended for editing text.

Slide Sorter View
A small image of each slide is displayed in Slide Sorter view. Slides can easily be ordered and sorted from this screen.

Slide Show view

Click the Slide Show button to view the full-screen slide show.

Creating a New presentation

You can select a redesigned template to create a common appearance in the slides.


Individual slide elements appear inside text boxes and          frames.


You can easily add text or graphics to a box or frame, and move or resize it as needed.






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