Posted by: wasaa | June 22, 2008

Handling a Computer

How to start  (boot up)  a  computer?

Use following  steps:-

  1. press power ON         switch  on UPS
  2.  Remove Floppies or CDs if any.
  3. press power ON switch  on system unit
  4. Wait until boot completes.


How to shut down  a  computer?

         StartàShut downàOK

          Alt à F4

Directories  and  files

You will probably find that you eventually will accumulate dozens (or even hundreds!) of files. Grouping them into different directories makes them easy to keep track of.

For example, a directory named Receipts might contain monthly receipt figures with files named jan, feb, and mar. You may want to create directories and add new files to them, or delete existing files or directories you no longer need.


How to create a folder?


Right clickànewàFolder



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