Posted by: wasaa | June 22, 2008


It’s an organized collection of data, related to a particular subject or purpose.

Databases are actually much more powerful than spreadsheets. You can manipulate data much more easily using a database.

Some of the actions that you can perform on a database that would be difficult (if not

Impossible) to perform on a spreadsheet are

 Retrieve all records that match certain criteria
 Update records in bulk 

Cross-reference records in different tables 

      Perform complex aggregate calculations


Data Base Management Systems (DBMS)


 FileMaker Pro

 Oracle or

 SQL Server


DBMS Provides you with the software tools you need to organize data in a flexible manner. We can Add data to the database, Modify or delete data from the
    database, Ask questions (or queries) about the data stored in the database
    and Produce reports summarizing
    selected contents.

A DBMS contains several objects




   Reports etc

Tables allow us to create the framework for storing information in a database.

If a database only stores information it would be useless.- We need to retrieve information as well.


If you simply want to recall the information stored in a table
 you can open the table and scroll through the records contained within it 

You can query the table so that it can retrieve data according to your request with the use of QUERIES

Forms are user-friendly interfaces that allow users to enter information in a graphical form.
That information can be directly passed to the database.

Information could be retrieved from our database through the use of queries in a tabular form – not exactly the most attractive marketing material! 

Reports provide attractively formatted summaries of the data contained in one or more tables and/or queries. 

Reports allow the inclusion of graphics, attractive formatting and pagination.

Offer an organized mechanism for storing, managing and retrieving information through the use of tables.



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