Posted by: wasaa | June 1, 2008

what is Computer ?

A computer is an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory unit,

            which can accept and store data

            (e.g. data entered using a keyboard),

perform arithmetic and logical operations on that data without human intervention and

(e.g. process data into information)

produce output from the processing

(e.g. view information on the screen).


Computer: (ISO) A programmable functional unit that consists of one or more associated processing units and peripheral equipment, that is controlled by internally stored programs and that can perform substantial computation, including numerous arithmetic operations or logic operations, without human intervention during a run.A computer may be a stand-alone unit or may consist of several interconnected units.













  1. i like to Have ict notes for this GCE o/l examination this year so can u give?

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