Posted by: wasaa | June 1, 2008

Introduction to Communication

Data communication is the process of sending and receiving  data electronically from one computer or similar device to another. Linking one computer to another permits the power and resources of that computer to be tapped. It also makes possible the updating and sharing of data at different locations.

          Computers that are located in the same room or office building, can communicate data through a direct cable link.

          Computers located far away use a special form of data communication – telecommunication or telegraph.

A network is any collection of independent computers that communicate with one another over a shared network medium.

Applications of Data Communication and Computer Networks



          Teller and point-of-sale terminals

          Air Traffic control & Ticket reservation

          Railway reservation systems, and hotel reservation systems

          Electronic Banking

          Web Based Learning.

          Video Conferencing etc.



  1. In a world in which computer networks are involved in nearly every facet of business and personal life, it is paramount that each of us understand the basic features, operations and limitations of different types of computer networks.

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