Posted by: wasaa | June 1, 2008

Importance of ICT

ICT have many opportunities…

         Making learning more interesting especially for hard-to-understand issues

         Bridging distances – e.g using e-mails, phone, video conferencing etc.

         Breaking literacy barriers in communication – e.g using video and radio.

         Research and useful Information sharing – e.g using Internet

         Access information on jobs/internships

         Creation of new employment opportunities (via ICTs/with ICTs)

         Enhance interaction with peers over long distances

         Create entertainment opportunities (games, music,video)

         Provide more realistic information on life elsewhere

         Provide educational information (distance learning)

         Provide health information, including on sensitive issues



  1. thank you.

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  3. thank u.

  4. Thanks and i appreciate ur service

  5. i would like to know about ict in future

  6. sory for late to mail for yhank you.
    thanks and i also appreciate ur service.i wish u good furture

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