Posted by: wasaa | June 1, 2008

Characteristic of Computers


A computer can do mathematical operations move and copy documents at  a speed in the order of million or billion instructions per second.


Computer output is generally very reliable subject to the conditions that the input data is correct and the program instructions should be reliable and correct.      

       ( Garbage In Garbage Out- GIGO )

Storage capability

As various computer media can store millions of characters of data in a condensed form, there is a tremendous saving in the storage area required to maintain the vital records necessary in a business environment.


Computers are very accurate. They can perform their millions of operations with great accuracy as their circuits have no mechanical parts to wear and malfunction.




  1. ano ung answer?

  2. ano ung answer

  3. tama b yan para naman may kulang diyan ehhh…
    sna may history n rin saka capabilities and limitations…of computer..sigurado aku marami pu2nta sa website nio kpg competo lahat…^^

  4. its really beneficial…!!

    • ya

  5. hey u have anynotes of ict?

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