Posted by: wasaa | October 13, 2007

Endamic Sweetmeat of “Bulupitiya”village

k1.gifThis is a very common food in the village.It is made of “Madu”flour.Madu is a tree. A ripe friut of madu core is blended.then flour is dried in a dry cold place.

After that,add tricle or sugar and mix with the flour.Then pour them into a cone made with “Jack leaf”.Once it been solid you can taste it.It is very nutritiuos too.w.gif

It can be kept several days.


  1. Dear sir
    Good blog site,

  2. wow this looks nice, is it like vali thalapa?

  3. I was searching the internet to find the opposite of the word ENDEMIC and I came accross your site. I am glad with the efforts made to assist the rural children.

    I have eaten MADU PITTU as a child it was delicious. Where are these MADU seeds available and is it possible to get them?.
    Good Luck

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