Posted by: wasaa | September 30, 2007

People in Bulupitiya(a rural village in Sri lanka)

People in Bulupitiya are different from others according to several features.they have a long history. The era of king Rajesinghe i two men who had betrayed have been eloped from upcountry and settled here and bred their generation.

The currier of most of people is Agriculture.They cultivate in both paddy fields and chena.They are still in an underdevelopment status.I’ve a sound knowledge of villagers as I’m a teacher who teaches in the village school.

Most of people are uneducated.They’ve not been civilized at all.At least no teachers have output from the village.They have no long expectations.content of bliss.

The village girls get married in young age.I can see mothers in 20 years old in my class.

Once young couple got married  they get a baby  when 20 years old.After that they understand that they  are  not  match each others.Then  give  their families and abounded children. So the student are not able to learn properly.Like wise some villagers have addicted liquor and opium.


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